The Poetry Review, founded in 1912, is the magazine of the Poetry Society, UK, and has a long-standing policy of publishing the very best work by new, up and coming poets, and established poets. All submissions are read by the editor and considered on an equal basis. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot offer any individual criticism. Our aim is to accept or reject work within three months – but please read, and follow, the submission guidelines below, in order to facilitate our response. 

Please note, we make a small charge for submissions via Submittable to non-members of The Poetry Society, equivalent to the cost of print and postage. This helps us to run an efficient system that provides the best service to submitters. It is possible to send poems without charge via post – see The Poetry Society website. 

Submission guidelines (for all writers)

  • Submit a maximum of six poems, all in the same document, with page breaks between them. Only one document is allowed per submission.
  • Please note when completing your address that you can begin typing the country name to find it, rather than scrolling down to find United Kingdom or United States for example.
  • The 'cover letter' box below allows for any brief additional notes you feel relevant, but it is not essential.
  • You may submit new poems only when you have a received a decision about your last submission.
  • Please only send unpublished work.
  • We do not consider simultaneous submissions (work that is being considered elsewhere).
  • If you need to withdraw individual poems from consideration, please click on the title of your submission; click on the "Activity" tab; and leave a note detailing which poem(s) should be withdrawn. Please only use the "Withdraw" function if you intend to remove all poems from consideratio
Use this form if you are NOT a Poetry Society Member. Submissions are FREE to members of The Poetry Society. To join, please visit our website.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.